Make Your Miles Matter for Colorado Cancer Patients in Need



Willa’s Wheels honors the memory of our daughter Willa and fundraises for Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation ( formerly the Raymond Wentz Foundation). Pick a ride, run, triathlon, or race, 
wear a jersey to increase awareness about the Foundation, and raise money through
family, friends and colleagues.

All money goes to Ray of Hope which supports Coloradans with cancer who are having trouble with the basics, while they go through the trials of treatment. $250 helps pay for the gas, $500 helps pay for groceries, and $1,000 provides rent or mortgage relief for a month. Ray of Hope grants help people like 7-year-old Kimberly who is battling lymphoma. Her family (including her five brothers and sisters) began to experience the financial burden caused by cancer, and her mother had to quit her job to be her daughter’s caregiver. After receiving a check for $1,000, her father wrote:

“I write to express our sincerest gratitude for the financial assistance that your organization extended to us during this terrible time. I cannot tell you how it has helped some of the monetary burden we’ve had hanging over our heads. As you are well aware, cancer is a horror that no one should have to face and the numerous hurdles that come with it are far more than most can handle. It is beyond words as to how this grant has helped. On behalf of all of us, thank you.”

The tremendous efforts of Willa's Wheels riders also helped Emily, who was 3-years-old  when diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer that forms in nerve tissue. After her 9-month stay in the hospital, the Foundation provided money to help Emily and her family stay at Brent’s Place, a sterile living apartment that helps kids stay free from infection while receiving treatment for cancer and other diseases.  Emily’s follow-up scans were cancer free and she returned to preschool at that time. 

Learn about the other patients Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation has helped:

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