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Our journey on this earth is not done in isolation.  We travel together.  Among many things we share joy, sorrow, hurt and disappointment - life and death.  One of our greatest callings on this journey is to extend a hand when a fellow traveller needs help.  Cancer and its extended effects, while devastating gives all of us an opportunity to extend that helping hand, each in their own way. 

As an avid bicyclist (yes at 76) I have chosen to dedicate all of my long rides (Like the Triple By-Pass, Copper Triangle, South Boundary Big Ride, Fr.'s Day Century, etc) to raising funds to be donated to Willa's Wheels/Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation, plus one day a week a dedicated ride for Willa's Wheels - as a reminder, on Facebook, of what it's all about.  And as a potter I also sell pieces, or "give them away", for donations to Willa's Wheels. These are on my fb page.  

Most importantly, I know ALL the money goes to those in need, with no strings attached.  That's the way giving and help is supposed to be.

And finally - giving and helping make us better human beings.

Deacon Roy


If you are unable to donate online, please click here for the offline donation form.


  • Amy (about a week ago)

    enjoy the ride

  • Roy (about a month ago)

    In memory of "Aunt" Mary Moreschini

  • Dan (about a month ago)

    Go Roy!

  • Mark E (about a month ago)

    Ride hard Roy!

  • Roy (about a month ago)

    In memory of John DiStefano

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